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Certified Lutron® Homeworks
Design & Installation

Innovative Electric is a fully certified and authorized Lutron Homeworks Designer/Provider/Installer. Unlike many companies offering lighting control solutions, we specialize in both the electrical and lighting design aspects of a lighting system. This means a one-stop approach to all of your lighting control system needs. Let us design and install a lighting control system for both new and existing homes. In addition to electric lighting control, we also offer automated window shading solutions to complete both the natural and electrical aspects of your lighting control needs.

Lighting control is the fastest growing of all installed home technologies; even more than home theater, home automation and multi-room audio. Homeowners are staring to realize the great benefits of lighting control in convenience, security and energy savings.

Many homeowners are also upgrading their current homes. Many homeowners ask, "Can a homeowner install a lighting control system for their current home without tearing up the walls or running new wires?" The answer is yes. Lutron now offers Homeworks RF (radio frequency), this means that dimmers and keypads talk to each other without the need for dedicated wires.

What are the main benefits of owning a lighting control system?

  1. The perfect lighting with just one touch.
Simply tap a button to create the perfect mood for entertaining or open and close shades. You don't need to fumble around with different dimmers or switches in different locations of your home to achieve a beautiful look. In addition, Lutron is the only lighting control manufacturer offering shading solutions fully controllable and integrated with their lighting control system.

2. Energy and Maintenance:

Dimming saves a tremendous amount of energy. Dimming your lighting by 25% saves 20% of energy. Additionally, your lamp life is extended by up to 4 times. Dim more and the energy-saving benefit increases proportionately.

3. Safety and Security:
With a lighting control system, you have the ability to instantly turn on your lighting and/or schedule the lighting to turn on/off at various times. This is a very nice feature, especially in the instance of controlling the outdoor lighting. Additionally, while away on business or vacation, your home always looks occupied. If the alarm system is activated due to intrusion or fire, the lighting system can be integrated with the alarm system to activate lighting zones for safe exit from the house or to alert authorities with flashing outdoor lighting.

4. Aesthetics:
In rooms with several lighting zones, walls are often cluttered with dimmers and switches. A Lutron Homeworks lighting control system can replace multiple dimmers with functional and attractive keypads including engraved and lighted panels for easy identification of each function.

Do they really save energy?
Yes, in many ways actually. Dimming alone greatly reduces energy consumption and may pay for itself through energy savings, not to mention extending bulb life 10 times or more. Lighting systems that combine occupant sensing can also turn lights on as someone enters a room and then off when they leave,o saving energy from leaving lights on when not needed.

But aren't they complicated to set up and to use?

Innovative Electric will work with you to set up the function of the system and the lighting "look" as part of the install. From there, a simple tap of a button will recall the look you want, just like your car radio buttons. Simple changes to the system can be made either on site or through an ethernet connection while more substantial changes may require a visit. It is important to note that for the vast majority of installs, once the system is installed and programmed to the owners liking, there is very little to change. In fact, most owners say that they would buy another lighting control system if they were to move. Studies show it has the highest repeat rate of purchase of any installed home technology.

Can a lighting system be expanded or
updated later on as my needs change?

Yes, the scalability of systems generally allow for this. You can add dimmers, control locations, and accessories as your home or needs change

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